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Reasons Why Regular Cement & Steel Plant Cleaning is Good For Everyone

The cement manufacturing plant generates a lot of solid dust besides spillage of raw material. Cleaning of solid dust, raw materials which overflow and fine dust on the road surface during manufacturing process of cement forms the main part of housekeeping. ‘Cleanland’ has introduced a GL-Shakti-009 Premium Plus heavy duty…

Cleanland Joins GEM(Government e-Marketplace) As the First Sweeping Machine Manufacturer Company

Cleanland, the leading manufacturer of sweeping machines joins the e-marketplace, GEM to sell road sweeping equipment of various types. With the aim of providing world-class machines, this company has become the first Sweeping machine manufacturer company to join GEM. The team works with one goal in mind- to clean up the…

Cleanland Providing an Efficient and Advanced Sweeping Machine

Cleanland a trusted name for sweeping machine continue to provide the most efficient and advanced equipment not only in India but all over the world. It has fulfilled the needs of the customers efficiently with the help of excellent sales and after-sales team. At present, they are able to capture…

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