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Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine – GL-SHAKTI-009 PREMIUM PLUS

Cleanland offers a Premium Plus model with a dust collection capacity of 900 liters and the power of a Perkins engine of 59 hp (44.70 kw) to meet your cleaning requirements. Cleanland’s industrial floor cleaning machine is the ideal choice for those who are looking for an efficient, powerful and cost-effective industrial floor cleaning machine to clean large areas.

Fully closed Cabin -Spacious and fully closed pressurized cabin with mini fan is in-built as standard. Helps the operator to work in high dust & extremely challenging environments. Hydraulically controlled drive wheel with powerful shock absorbers and suspension. The suspension system provides stability and good handling. Easier to operate on rugged roads.

Industrial floor cleaning machine is ideal for moderate to severe dust conditions. It is the most effective, most robust, and best in class power sweeper made to withstand difficult working conditions, even in environments with a lot of dust, and to deliver excellent sweeping results. Ideal for very harsh conditions such as cement, coal, mining, ports, manufacturing, and foundry.

Main Features of the Machine Utilization:

Environmental Friendly One Person Operation and Maintenance Easy to Drive Utilizes efficient Fuel and oil Cost Efficient.

Machine Weight 2075 Kgs.
Machine Dimension (L x W x H) 2689x1727x1406 mm
Main Broom 1422 mm.
Side Broom 660 mm.
2nd Side Broom Optional
Sweeping Width 2082 mm.
Sweeping Productivity 217800 Sq Ft/Hr.
Speed 1 to 15 Km/Hr
Hopper Dust Load Capacity 907 Kgs/0.85 Cubic Mtr.
Hopper Emptying Height Up to 1560 mm.
Engine Power Output 45 kw @ 3000 RPM
Driver Cabin Fully Covered
Operating System Hydraulic

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